SuperStock ICO - the Anti-Ether We Deserve

Send Locked Files to Your Friends and Then Get Their Money

Life doesn't have to be boring anymore.

SuperStock can create blockchain-based apps in under 5 minutes, at the most affordable rate on the market.

Our apps are are going to allow the sharing and creation of content that others censor.

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“Create an Army of Influencers That Work for Your Business”

Create Software That Uses Cryptocurrency

SuperStock is the first platform in the world that is going to revolutionize how marketers, affiliates, and small business owners work. For the first time, anyone can create software that leverages cryptocurrency for network effect.


Exchange Rewards for User Actions

The apps created with SuperStock will be able to incentivize and work with users in a variety of different ways. From rewarding them for fulfilling CPA offers, to unlocking content in exchange for fiat and cryptocurrency - anything is going to be possible.


Money Making CPA-Offers

With this option, the app uses its in-app browser where users can be presented with any CPA (survey, email optin, phone optin, etc.) offer you have, including offers with your referral or affiliate link.


Download & Seed Torrents - Top the Charts!

You can direct users to download torrent magnet links in order to both spread your content, and to seed your unlock codes along with your content.

Add Javascript Code

You may also integrate 3rd party javascript in your apps, for example, tracking from StatCounter or Google Analytics or Crypto Coin mining from

Viral Ads

Alongside the app, you can also display ads, which can act as a second revenue stream, apart from the CPA offers and bittorrent downloads.

“SuperStock tokens offer users an irresistible amount of value"

This is the story of how we created SuperStock, and why the platform is so important for the future of the blockchain.


SuperStock is going to supercharge the way marketers, affiliates, and small business works.


Everyone knows that software is more intrinsically worthy than web pages or other types of downloads, such as eBooks and PDFs.


In our tests (and speaking from empirical experience), offering software has always out-converted other types of web services.


However, there is a problem when it comes to small business owners (as well as marketers and affiliates) and the blockchain – while business can use Bitcoins and other altcoins for payment processing, they can’t really do much more than that.


For example, a business can’t reward its customers for certain actions (such as downloading an eBook or subscribing to their newsletter) by giving them access to their tokens.

There are so many hundreds of uses for the blockchain, and any business who can learn how to leverage this potential can drastically increase the metrics they are focused on (whether that is traffic, virality of their content or sales).

This is precisely the problem SuperStock tries to solve.

We want to be the first platform in the world to offer a visual, drag-and-drop experience towards building profitable and shareable blockchain-based software.

No programming required.


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Q: Where can I find more information regarding your token and sales?

A: Please check the above white paper for complete details, or the one-pager if you want to get the gist of our crowdsale.


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Q: Do you have an official thread on Bitcointalk?

A: Yes we do, and you should definitely check it out in case you want to get a more detailed overview of our project, alongside our replies to other people.


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Q: How can I keep up to date regarding your ICO and start/end dates?

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So, are you ready to revolutionize how the internet monetizes traffic?


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